On this exciting 12-day excursion with Adventure Canada on-board the Ocean Endeavour between Reykjavik, Iceland, and Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, you will round the very southern tip of Greenland past breathtaking fjords; sail through Prince Christian Sound, one of the wildest and most picturesque waterways; board a small expedition ship equipped with a fleet of Zodiacs to tour one of the world’s youngest UNESCO World  Heritage Sites; bask in thermal springs; visit a quaint fishing village and Greenland’s bustling capital, Nuuk; and much more.

Your spectacular trip includes passage for two adults, valued at CAD $39,700 based on double occupancy in a Category 8 cabin featuring two berths on-board the Ocean Endeavour; one-way charter flight for two adults between Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Ontario; all shipboard meals; expedition jackets; guided expeditions and interactive workshops; and more.

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