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Panama City is located just a few minutes from the emerald green waters of the northwest Florida beaches, offering an experience that’s entirely different from the typical beach vacation.

First things first, Panama City is on the water. The city is surrounded on three sides by coastal bays and just a few kilometres, as the seagulls fly, from white-sand beaches and clear Gulf of Mexico waters. Casting off from Panama City’s marinas, you can enjoy virtually any kind of water activity imaginable, from saltwater fishing to dolphin tours and beach excursions on an uninhabited barrier island. 

The Lay of the Land — and Water

Getting around Panama City is easy. Most visitors spend the majority of their time in either Downtown Panama City or, about five kilometres to the northwest, Historic St. Andrews. These two districts are where you’ll find most of the city’s top restaurants and attractions.

You can rent a boat, kayak, paddleboard or bicycle from a variety of local companies. Pontoon boats are an especially popular option for travellers taking the “scenic route” by water to St. Andrews State Park and the unspoiled natural coastline of Shell Island.

Local Restaurants. Global Flavours.

When it comes to dining out, Panama City is known for its locally owned restaurants, which range from waterfront seafood restaurants with spectacular sunset views to brewpubs and food trucks that serve up delicious flavours from around the world.

Oysters are a particularly popular choice for visitors and locals alike. Search for restaurants on the Panama City Oyster Trail, which includes more than a dozen of the city’s top restaurants, serving the delectable shellfish raw, broiled, fried or baked—however you like them.

A Colourful City With a Creative Vibe

Panama City is a place that embraces creative expression, originality and fun. There are, of course, several art galleries and performance spaces. But, in Panama City, public art is more about doing than viewing.

The nearly 20 murals on the Panama City Mural Trail are perfect for picture-taking and make amazing backdrops for family photos or selfies. Several non-profit arts organizations and businesses offer drop-in-friendly art opportunities, ranging from painting to DIY crafts, letterpress printing, and even glass-blowing.

Events in Panama City are as original as they are fun. Flluxe Arts Festival is centered around street art and murals, Public Eye Soar focuses on projection art and other artistic displays of light, and the Panama City Songwriters Festival showcases original music from rising stars. Many other events are planned throughout the year, promising a vacation filled with special memories.

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Learn more about visiting Panama City at destinationpanamacity.com

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