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There is no shortage of seafood in Western Nova Scotia. For those looking to eat their weight in crustaceans, hop in the car and crank those tunes as you follow the shoreline for these flavour-filled destinations.

Seafood Chowder in Wolfville

Head to the charming coastal town of Wolfville, only one hour from Halifax.  After you stroll past the colourful buildings on Main Street get ready to feast your eyes on The Church Brewing Company. The cathedral ceilings of this stone church feature intricate stained-glass windows that come to life with the sun’s rays. The ambiance just adds to the experience. Order a pint (or a flight, dealer’s choice) alongside their Matriarch’s Chowder. Packed with nuggets of haddock, scallops and shrimp, every spoonful is heaping in seafood. Plus this menu staple comes with a homemade pretzel, perfect for dunking in the delectable broth.

Scallops in Digby

No visit to Western Nova Scotia is complete without enjoying some of the tastiest morsels Digby is known for—enter the giant scallops. Restaurants often feature Digby scallops, though they are best enjoyed on the terrace of the modern Fundy Restaurant. There, the lapping waves roll in as you nibble on these meaty mollusks. Check the daily specials for a tasty lobster tail scallop combo—it makes the perfect seafood pairing!          

Seafood Lasagna in Saulnierville

In the heart of the largest Acadian community, home-cooked meals like grandma makes are the centrepiece at La Cuisine Robicheau. Feel as though you are being welcomed home as you chat with the benevolent servers while settling into this house-turned-restaurant. Bask in the views of Baie Sainte-Marie from the dining room as you are treated to the rich flavours of the seafood lasagna. Generous chunks of lobster and scallops meld into layers of noodles and cheese, creating a creamy concoction you will adore.

Hot Lobster Sandwich in Yarmouth

Like a bright yellow beacon along Yarmouth’s waterfront, Rudder’s has been a town fixture for over two decades. This over-a-century-old building brims in charm from its beamed ceilings to its plank flooring. That is not the only thing brimming—their menu is loaded with a lobster-filled lineup. From classic lobster rolls to lobster poutine, there’s a dish for every lobster lover. That said, there is no lobster dish more traditional to Southwestern Nova Scotia than the hot lobster sandwich. And Rudder’s makes a mean one! Bits of lobster are dripping to creamy perfection and piled high atop an open-faced sandwich. Served piping hot, it is bound to hit the spot, especially once the winter chill sets in.

Lobster-Topped Fish Cakes in Barrington

When in Nova Scotia, you can never have too much lobster and there is no better place to enjoy this delicious crustacean than the Lobster Capital of Canada—Barrington. Head to Captain Kat’s Lobster Shack and pull up a chair. Now get ready for good old-fashioned Maritime hospitality and some of the tastiest lobster around. While their lobster roll is award-winning, go for the lobster-topped fishcakes. Two monstrous fishcakes are made with plenty of seasonings smothered in their homemade creamed lobster. It will certainly keep you fuelled for your culinary adventures.

Shrimp Po’ Boy in Shelburne

Home to the world’s third largest natural harbour, it comes as no surprise to find plenty of sea-based eats in Shelburne. If your stomach’s rumbling, stop in at The Emerald Light. You cannot miss the contemporary deep green exterior as it pops out amongst the other buildings on Water Street. Find light and hearty eats as well as an extensive beverage list. Do not miss the Shrimp Po’ Boy on a pretzel bun with leafy greens, succulent shrimp, hearty strips of bacon and a homemade mayo drizzle. It pairs perfectly with their house-made cucumber lemonade.

Lunenburger in Lunenburg

What do you get when you top six ounces of freshly ground local beef, smoky mozzarella cheese, juicy bacon strips, crisp arugula, garlic aioli with scrumptious lobster in a savoury tarragon butter sauce on an artisan bun  topped with… yes, a bacon-wrapped scallop? Say hello to The Lunenburger. The masterpiece is only available at the Grand Banker Bar & Grill! At this Maritime pub, you will need two hands to contain the monster as you sink your teeth into this beast of a sandwich. It will be messy but worth every last finger-licking bite.

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