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Craving a little art infusion on your walkabouts this winter? Feast your eyes toward bold splashes of colour on these outdoor public art stops across America.

The Open Air Museum in the largely Spanish-speaking “El Punto” neighbourhood of Salem, MA, features over 75 large-scale murals by 55 mural artists. Within three blocks see visual storytelling that is either painted on, or adjacent to, rent-restricted buildings. puntourbanartmuseum.org

Insider Tip Grab a selfie by “Super Dali,” a stylistic caricature of famed Spanish artist Salvador Dalí created by artist Sipros Naberezny, a piece he painted in a day.

Santa Monica is Southern California’s coastal arts and culture hub, home to 150-plus street art murals, situated within its eight hip neighbourhoods. Beautify Earth—a non-profit with the mission to transform every city wall into beautiful art—is responsible for the majority of murals. santamonica.com/things-to-do/arts-culture/complete-guide-to-street-art-murals-in-santa-monica/

Insider Tip Santa Monica artist Ruben Rojas motivates onlookers to see the world around them. Some of his Santa Monica sites are “Gratitude” on Santa Monica Blvd., “I Am Love” on Fourth Street, and “Together We Can” on Wilshire Blvd. rubenrojas.com

Southern California’s San Diego mural trails and outdoor public art installations include Chicano Park, a National Historic Landmark, with roughly 80 artworks adorning concrete pylons that support the Coronado Bay Bridge. sandiego.org/articles/parks-gardens/chicano-park.aspx

Insider Tip Muralist Mario Torero is a self-described “artivist” artist—someone who combines activism through art with the goal to see a more humane and caring society become a reality. See iconic pieces like “Colossus,” which the social activist artist describes as the “reawakening of the Sleeping Giant.” The piece, using biblical metaphors, is of a crucified man crowned by a rainbow halo holding a great weight.

Across Atlantic City, N.J., embark on the local favourite, The T-Shirt Tour, which showcases a dozen murals from 15 artists who were inspired by souvenir T-shirt art. Pop over to “Close Encounters,” an eye-popping wall mural of colourful jellyfish by muralist Charles Barbin.

Insider Tip Simply download an interactive map for this self-guided tour at atlanticcityartsfoundation.org/tshirttour.

Visitors to the island chain of the Florida Keys can follow the 130-kilometre public art Florida Keys Sculpture Trail. The large-scale sculptures are easily viewed by travellers along the iconic U.S. 1, the Overseas Highway. keysarts.com

Insider Tip At Key West International Airport you’ll be welcomed by an enormous sculpture called, “Avis Gloriae” by well-known New York City artist, Sheila Berger.

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