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(2023 - Winter/Spring Issue)


A themed retreat or excursion might be the ideal way to get on the path to fulfilling those New Year’s Resolutions.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to launch that healthier lifestyle you’ve been thinking about. And, if your plans include getting away from the everyday stress to give you the time needed to focus on the objective, a wellness retreat might be just what the doctor prescribed.

At the recent International Wellness Tourism Conference in the Dominican Republic, keynote presenter Dr. Ron Kapp observed that everyone needs to take an active interest in their own health. “The writing of a prescription for a patient is a sacred and solemn undertaking and the prescription says to the patient—this is what you need today,” noted the Santa Barbara-based physician, author and anti-aging research clinician who emphasized that an enlightened physician can now also “order up” a wellness retreat. “These programs jumpstart the lifestyle changes required to prevent and even reverse the ever-increasing chronic diseases of aging so prevalent in today’s stressed-out world.”

Whatever your New Year’s Resolution might be, there’s a retreat or tour that can help you kick-start the process. Here are a few options to have on your radar:

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

At Canyon Ranch Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts from April 23rd to April 28th, 2023, Dr. Michael Grandner, a licensed clinical psychologist, will lead a five-night program, Mastering Sleep: An Immersion Retreat. The behavioural sleep medicine specialist and Canyon Ranch experts will highlight the latest research about sleep and its impact on brain health. The program includes group meals, evening activities such as Yoga Nidra, meditation circle, stretching and relaxation plus much more. Susie Arnett, Sr. Director of Programming and Immersions, says the program is designed for guests to leave with the ability to become more focused, productive and happy as a benefit from restorative, natural sleep. canyonranch.com/stay/events/berkshires-sleep-immersion-retreat-apr-2023

Renew and Rejuvenate

In tandem with the launch of the New Year, Hilton Head Health in South Carolina has introduced a program appropriately called Renew. Personalized for each guest, Renew is a minimum stay of seven nights (Sunday to Sunday or Wednesday to Wednesday), and is designed to help each participant learn to manage stress, and find a path forward to better life balance, happiness and self-care through various methods and activities.

A one-on-one session with a licensed therapist will help you develop goals and personal strategies for refreshing and renewing. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy cooking classes, spa treatments, daily yoga, meditation plus a number of self-care-focused experiences in nature. hhhealth.com/renew-preview/

Achieve a Healthy Weight

Surrounded by expansive mountain views, Skyterra Wellness Retreat in North Carolina offers LoseSmart fitness and nutrition coaching sessions 365 days a year. If achieving a healthy weight is your intention, Skyterra’s expert-led classes and workshops focus on how to replace destructive dieting behaviours with healthy weight-loss strategies.

Beyond the personalized coaching sessions and classes, optional activities include classes in fitness, yoga, meditation, stress management, healthy living education and more. Spa services are also available at this wooded retreat that include 14.5 kilometres of walking trails that crisscross streams and lead to a waterfall. skyterrawellness.com/losesmart

Expand Your Horizons and Learn About the Local Culture

With two departure dates in 2023 (March and November), luxury active travel company Butterfield & Robinson offers a seven-day Uruguay Active tour that combines cycling in peaceful countrysides, rolling hills and sandy beach towns. Hiking, kayaking and yoga sessions are also a part of the experience, as is sipping wine with local producers in a region known as the “Uruguayan Tuscany.” The tour incorporates Uruguay’s farm-to-table culture as well as a close-up look at the country’s emerging arts scene and its Candombe music, a style of drumming and dance that first surfaced in the late 18th century. According to Butterfield & Robinson, the trip is about showcasing the spirit of Uruguay and the special elements that make it stand out from the rest of South America. butterfield.com/trip/scheduled/uruguay-active

Relax, Reset and Reboot

Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the vegetarian-focused Art of Living Retreat Center offers a year-round Rest and Relaxation Retreat that can be as structured or unstructured as you might need. The retreat includes access to a variety of life-enhancing workshops and activities designed to reduce stress, increase mental focus, revive the senses and strengthen the overall sense of well-being. The specially themed program also includes wellness experts leading you through mindful meditation designed to expand awareness to help you imagine the highest version of yourself. artoflivingretreatcenter.org/event/restore-revive/restore-revive-wellness-getaway

Boost Longevity

An integral part of its preventative health centre and biostation, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort offers a guided five-day wellness retreat customized to your personal longevity and anti-aging goals. Led by medical director, Dr. Martin G. Bloom, MD, the backed-by-science program includes IV nutrient therapy treatments, plus extensive diagnostic testing that assesses over 100 biomarkers including hormone, thyroid and cardiovascular panels. Daily group fitness classes, touchless wellness experiences, access to the Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit are also included in this program designed to allow you to leave the resort with a personalized guide for longevity and wellness. carillonhotel.com/en/wellness/health-retreats/jump-start-your-health-wellness-retreat-with-the-biostation


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