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(2012 - Spring/Summer Issue)


Two decades ago, I became one of BMO AIR MILES MasterCard’s first customers.

Today, with the BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard, I’ll be seizing travel miles more quickly and going even farther for less.

As the chief travel planner in our household, I’m charged with finding the best value for money. With the BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard, that value just keeps rising. For example, I get one reward mile for every $15 I spend—and can “double-dip” when I’m shopping. That means I earn miles twice if I use both my AIR MILES Collector Card and BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard when I buy something. And every day, I find new AIR MILES sponsors where I can shop for goods and earn benefits.

Rewarding Travel

My big thing, of course, is ensuring the best bang in redeeming my AIR MILES, and I can both redeem and earn when booking travel.

The math is pretty simple with the BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard. I can book flights with 25 per cent fewer AIR MILES reward miles to anywhere in the world. For example, a flight from Toronto to New York that would normally require 1,050 AIR MILES reward miles only takes 863 with the discount. If I spend $2,000 a month on my card, I earn 1,596 reward miles for the year just on my credit card. Plus I accumulate reward miles by using my AIR MILES Collector card on gas, groceries, home improvements and pharmacy items. This is enough for two tickets from Montréal to Halifax in low season. So I can take the grandkids to visit their relatives, and see family and friends more often.

I get to enjoy travelling when I redeem my reward miles, and then I start earning miles again when I use my BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard while on vacation so I am able to go on holiday again in the future.

More Benefits

The card also comes with automatic BMO Travel Protection. This includes coverage for events such as car-rental collision damage, unexpected return home and more.

Having done all my research and comparative studies, I’m convinced this is the best AIR MILES credit card for travel. The low $99 annual fee, 150 bonus miles at sign-up, and simply superb benefits all help me stretch our travel budget. And that’s what’s best for me and the family.

When you purchase items with your BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard, they are automatically insured against theft for 90 days. The card also doubles the original manufacturer’s warranty period up to a maximum of one additional year.

Travel Planner

For more information or to apply for the BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard, visit bmo.com/1000 or your local BMO branch.

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