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Health advocates and a slew of studies report how getting outdoors and embracing nature boost physical health, mood and a sense of well-being.

So it’s time for the big disconnect. Let’s put away the digital distractions and get outside ... they say the graphics are amazing!

The outdoors beg to be explored, even close to urban areas like Detroit. The Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge—the only international wildlife refuge in North America—is a one-of-a-kind preserve along the lower Detroit River and the western shorelines of Lake Erie. Created through conservation efforts between the U.S. and Canada, the refuge spans over 2,500 hectares of diverse habitats. This sustainably managed refuge offers an eye-opening opportunity to connect with nature. fws.gov/refuge/detroit-river   Inspired by nature Visitors can explore this stretch of wilderness through activities like hiking, kayaking and wildlife watching.

Ever considered hiking from Nevada to Canada? To kick-start that dream, Nevada has launched the new Capital to Tahoe Trail, which officially opened in 2023. Begin on the steps of the Nevada State Capitol Building in Carson City, wind past 26 kilometres of jaw-dropping scenery to Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe Rim Trail, then connect with the Pacific Crest Trail, which leads north to British Columbia. visitcarsoncity.com/attractions/cap-to-tahoe/  Inspired by nature Another equally out-of-this-world trail is the Pacific Crest Trail, which was featured in the movie Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon, who portrayed Cheryl Strayed, author of the best-selling book of the same name.

Oregon wants to convince outdoor enthusiasts that tree climbing is the new rock climbing. Near Salem, Silver Falls State Park, which is renowned for its waterfall trails, there is a new guided tree-climbing program from a local operator named Tree Climbing at Silver Falls. Soar thrilling heights in this forest adventure. Introductory courses and multi-day climbs are available. Try a sunset climb with night rappelling. treeclimbingatsilverfalls.com   Inspired by nature Experience the beauty of giant old-growth trees with this tour group of tree lovers and learn about the unique ecology. A battery-powered ascender opens the experience up to individuals with physical restrictions.

Sitting on the northwest shore of Lake Hancock in Central Florida, Circle B Bar Reserve is a nature sanctuary of eco-friendly highlights. Once a cattle ranch, it’s now known for its varied ecosystems, with the restored Banana Creek marsh system, and as a key site on the Great Florida Birding Trail. It’s popular with birdwatchers, nature artists and those seeking tranquility.   Inspired by nature At Circle B Bar Reserve, an extensive network of trails winds through lush oak hammocks and freshwater wetlands, with both serene walks and challenging hikes. Leave behind a minimal environmental footprint. polknature.com/explore/circle-b-bar-reserve

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