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(2024 - Spring/Summer Issue)


There’s more to Daytona Beach than motorsports. Sure, it’s home to the famous Daytona International Speed-way, but around this span of beach you’ll find local arts and culture and outdoor adventure all in one sun spot. Get ready to explore the great outdoors of Daytona Beach with these five styles of trails.

Hiking and Biking Trails

Over 100 kilometres of hiking and biking trails give you plenty of options from lush, botanical-lined trails to beachside jaunts. The routes are constantly growing and expanding, with the River-to-Sea Loop trail network set for completion in 2025. Perfect for the long-distance cycler, this new loop will offer access to a 418-kilometre off-road paved network of trails that will pass through five counties. Bike rentals are available and if traditional cycling isn’t your thing, you can rent an e-bike for a beachside tour instead.

Mural Trail

An afternoon spent touring the Mural Trail will transform your perception of arts and culture in Daytona Beach. Stroll through the city and pause to admire the Animal Cracker Box Mural, Crabby’s Oceanside Mural, the Myrtle Lane Murals, and many more. Your Instagram grid is about to get a lot more colourful!

Sweetheart Trail

Part of the East Coast Greenway, the Sweetheart Trail winds along the Halifax River to the historic downtown. Admire the swaying palms lining the sidewalks as you make your way to Beach Street for some retail therapy in the Riverfront Shops.

Fishing: From Pier to Offshore

Surf fishing and fishing at sea are popular pastimes in Daytona Beach. If you’re dreaming of a vacay that revolves around these leisurely activities, there are countless spots to check out. Just south of Daytona Beach, try fishing off the jetty by Lighthouse Point Park at sunset, or cast a line from the Daytona Beach Pier. A day on the water with one of the many offshore charter companies in Daytona Beach may be more appealing if you’re eager to catch some deep-water species.

Paddling (or Pedalling) Routes

For wildlife enthusiasts, a soothing paddle through nearby Tomoka State Park is a must. Now launch your kayaks at the boat landing and paddle the Tomoka River on an ecotour. Rent a kayak on-site at Tomoka Outpost or sign up for guided tours with them and prepare to say wow past the nature scenes.

If paddling isn’t your jam, join local indie-owned outfitter Viking EcoTours for a guided kayak pedalling tour instead. For this hands-free kayaking, you’ll have more time to snap photos and enjoy wildlife spotting with a wildlife conservationist.

Travel Planner

Plan your journey with the Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau at daytonabeach.com

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