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The “great outdoors” in Antigua and Barbuda is more than great—it’s the gateway to the unforgettable adventures that await outside the comfortable confines of your hotel room. Antigua punctuates its naval forts and colourful coastal villages with rainforest canopies and gently sloping highlands. Its secluded sibling Barbuda is an ecotourism haven with beauty to spare on land and at sea, with pink sand beaches and a sprawling central lagoon that plays theatre to the famous frigatebirds.

Here are three ways to find your inner adventurer in Antigua and Barbuda this summer.

Walk Through History

Hiking is a favourite activity and there is no shortage of storied spots. From the scenic vantage of Shirley Heights in Antigua, you can view Nelson’s Dockyard, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Barbuda’s landscape, too, has relics of its colonial past and remnants of an even older legacy. Within coastal caves, you can spy the petroglyphs of the Arawak people as well as scuttling crabs and roosting bats.

Adventure in Any Form

Land, sea and sky are your playgrounds in Antigua and Barbuda. Zip lining through the canopy of Antigua’s rainforest is sure to satisfy nature lovers seeking a bird’s-eye view. Those looking to take a ride on the wild side can do so from the comfort of a rugged pink jeep or behind the wheel of an indomitable 4x4 buggy.

For aquatic adventure, dive or snorkel on the reef and discover sunken wrecks or kayak along the shoreline. As the “Sailing Capital of the Caribbean,” there are no better waters in the Caribbean to choose for a sunset cruise or a day trip to an offshore cay, where ancient tortoises lay their eggs and Antiguan racers slither under the shaded boughs of tropical trees.

Meet the Locals

The ecosystem of Antigua and Barbuda is a remarkable attraction in its own right. Some of the best places to immerse yourself are the national parks. In Antigua’s highlands, quiet trails wind through mango groves and tropical birds roost on megaliths. Travelling by boat to a marine park, visitors can feed and play with gentle rays.

Barbuda boasts wildlife unique to the region, including donkeys, deer and boars. A pristine coastline and a smattering of natural salt ponds have created the perfect environment for rare species to thrive. You can’t miss the Frigatebird Sanctuary, accessible only by small boat. A visit to this inland lagoon to see these red-throated rulers feels like starring in a nature documentary.

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Heritage, adventure and wildlife combine to make Antigua and Barbuda a foremost haven for outdoor experiences in the Caribbean. For more outdoor adventure travel in Antigua and Barbuda, visit visitantiguabarbuda.com

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