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Well-known as being the “world’s most famous beach,” the sandy shores of Daytona Beach are used to being in the spotlight. Centrally located along Florida’s east coast, the 37-kilometre stretch of shoreline takes centre stage. Whether it’s long walks on the beach, seaside exploring or cruising down the coast with the top down (yes, cars are permitted), its smooth, hard-packed sand is a launching pad for fun. But don’t be fooled by its sunny exterior; beyond its shores, discover the more adventurous side of this coastal resort city.


When you’re ready to take a break from the lounge chair, set out to explore the over 113 kilometres of trails—and counting. Go by bike or take a hike; either way, the diverse trail system will lead you to a breathtaking view. If your interest lies in the historical, ecological, motorsport, or quenching your thirst at a craft beer venue, chances are there’s a themed trail or tour catered to your passion. Or go for a stroll along one of the boardwalks—perennially rated as some of the best—for some striking views or spectacular birding. Home to nearly 20 golf courses in this area, opt for a round on Florida’s Historic Golf Trail, a collection of historic courses that have retained much of their character.


Head down the peninsula to the southernmost end of the strip where you’ll discover Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum. For a quiet dose of adventuring plus a lesson in maritime history, visit the state’s tallest lighthouse. Take the spiralling staircase (over 200 steps) to the top of the 136-year-old lighthouse for panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Across the way, check out the Marine Science Center, a marine science and natural history museum nestled in a forest. Guaranteed to be a fulsome experience that includes a hands-on teaching lab, an animal rehabilitation centre (for sea turtles and sea birds) and educational and interactive activities and galleries.


Calling all nature lovers! With a myriad of waterways including marshes, lakes, ponds, creeks, canals and inlets, this is an aquaphile’s playground. Explore by canoe, kayak or scuba, and get up close to wildlife, such as sea turtles, dolphins and manatees. A must-visit for eco-adventurers is Blue Spring State Park, set along the largest spring on the St. Johns River. Take a dip in the 72-degree crystal-clear spring water or visit the centre, revered for its manatee refuge conservation. Get up close to these “sea cows,” which are native to this coast. When they crave warmer temperatures, they migrate here to their winter home, ensuring you’ll have the opportunity to encounter these gentle giants.

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For more travel information about Daytona Beach, visit DaytonaBeach.com

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