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Sass Jordan is a fully charged battery energizing loyal fans with her firebrand no-holds-barred music. Jordan, known as “Canada’s Rock Queen,” has earned the title over the decades delivering soul-searching lyrics with an authenticity and earthy sound that knows no bounds. The Canadian JUNO award-winning singer evokes images of Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, and Janis Joplin with her raspy bluesy voice. Jordan challenges her audience to come along with her on an intense musical journey of passion, heartbreak and introspection.

Born in Birmingham, England, she lived in France for a short stint before her university professor father and former ballerina mother moved the family to Montréal when Jordan was three. Later in her early teens the family spent a year in India. But upon their return to Montréal that’s when Jordan declares she heard rock and pop music for the first time. Her lifelong love affair with music began when Jordan, 16, joined a band and played gigs around Montréal.

Her debut album, Tell Somebody, released in 1988, created the spark for a long and successful musical run. Hit singles, “Tell Somebody,” “Double Trouble,” “Stranger than Paradise” and “So Hard” rang up the charts; and later singles, “Make You a Believer” and “You Don’t Have to Remind Me,” confirmed her status as Canada’s Rock Queen. Jordan also recorded the duet, “Trust in Me,” with Joe Cocker for the movie, The Bodyguard starring actor Kevin Costner, which gave her even more star power.

Jordan’s talent tentacles spread far and wide. She has performed in Broadway and off-Broadway productions like the hit Love, Janis playing Janis Joplin, guest starred in TV shows, Sisters and Corner Gas, and was a judge for six seasons on Canadian Idol.

The renegade artist has recently added other labels to her playlist—whisky and wine labels. Her new Rebel Moon Whisky joins her Kick Ass Sass White and Kick Ass Sass Red wines, a partnership with Niagara winery, Vineland Estates. For these ventures, Jordan is involved in the grape selection, label design and marketing.

On the stage, Jordan is expected to tour Europe and North America with David Bowie’s band in A Bowie Celebration, a tribute tour to the late English rock star. Key alumni musicians from Bowie’s bands through the decades will celebrate and play the hits from the music legend.

Her ninth album, Rebel Moon Blues—which has a spring release—she co-produced with her husband, Guess Who singer Derek Sharp. Though some of her music has been blues-based, this is her first foray into a totally blues album. There are seven cover songs from blues masters like Willie Dixon and Elmore James and one original song “The Key,” which she produced and performed with her husband.

What song inspired you to be a singer?

“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by The Band. I remember I ran over to my mother and said, “Mom, I know what I want to do—I’m gonna be a singer!” My mom was like, “Ok, whatever you think, kiddo.” That was the beginning of it all.

Why are you doing A Bowie Celebration tour?

Bowie is one of the reasons I wanted to be a performer and doing this tour is like playing a love letter to his memory every night.

How do you measure success now and when you first started?

Back then it meant being recognized by my peers and having hundreds and thousands of people singing along to music I wrote. Interestingly enough, I never really thought about the money back then. Now, success to me means that I can still touch large groups of people emotionally. Now it means having money, and having the opportunity to communicate on a grander scale.

Any travel pet peeves?

I cannot stand flying economy. Not gonna happen captain! Another is when everyone at the back of the plane puts their overhead luggage in the front.

Where do you especially enjoy performing?

I love playing in the Netherlands. I’ve had great times there. The audience is very loving and very attentive there.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Reading. I really love the spiritual, self-help kind of books by Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy. There are so many fantastic books about alternative healing. I also like fantasy and science fiction—these genres would be my favourites.

Are you a beach lover?

I love, love, love beaches as long as I’m in the shade like the Cayman Islands, Anguilla and Hawaii. Maui, Oahu, I love it all even though it’s kind of American, it’s spectacularly and stunningly beautiful. It’s like paradise.  

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