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 If you’re searching for a fail-proof gift, simply look for items that add pleasure to an already enjoyable time. Travel accessories fit that bill.

 Indeed, some of the newest gadgets are so clever they give the traveller instant help, while others are so pragmatic they offer instant comfort. And both have the potential to make everything more fun. Better still, receiving such a gift adds a little luxury to any trip. Here are some travel accessories for that someone special on your list.  


Spot removers are good, but travellers also need a way to freshen up the entire garment just as conveniently—without incurring steep hotel laundry charges or searching for a laundromat. Take a look at the pocket-sized Scrubba Wash Bag. Fill it with water, add a little liquid soap, insert the garment, close the valve, and launder by rubbing the item against a built-in washboard. The bag is large enough for a couple of T-shirts or for a few pieces of underwear and socks. Hang to dry. thescrubba.com


You’ve finally arrived at your destination only to face the mundane job of unpacking and organizing everything. And soon enough you’ll have to re-pack and move on. So why not get it all done in just a few seconds? Open the shelf suitcase, raise the unit, find all of your clothes still neatly folded on the shelves—and walk away. Some shelf suitcases are not carry-on size, however, on any trip, this brilliant innovation is a huge time-saver. risegear.ca


Access to reliable drinking water at any time is just a matter of adding one bottle-shaped purifier to your gear. The Grayl, a leading name in water filtration, has produced a fully self-contained Ultralight Purifier (+Filter) Bottle. No batteries, bulbs or chemicals are needed and the bottle is compact enough for each traveller to bring one along. Not only is it easy to carry, it’s quick. The water is purified with one press. Travellers say it improves the taste of any (non-salt) water supply and, more importantly, it removes bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Even the general tap water across North America can be pressed to be better so, with this gift, travellers can keep more dollars in the pocket and say goodbye to plastic water bottles. thegrayl.com


If a young adult in your family is itching to explore some world-class cities, here’s one of the most innovative ways to discard the knapsack and lighten the load. Turn their carry-on bag into a three-wheeled kickboard scooter. The compact Micro Luggage Scooter allows travellers to hop on and move quickly and comfortably through airports and train stations or when sightseeing or searching for accommodation. For short distances, they can just roll it behind them. The scooter-bag is made of durable, lightweight aluminum and the interior design (by Samsonite) keeps gear organized. For a real treat, one model has Bluetooth speakers so their favourite music is a constant companion. kickboard.ca


Looking for the ideal gift for a naturalist, trekker, paddler or that fearless person who sleeps out in the wilderness under the stars? Introduce them to hammock camping. All one needs are two sturdy trees and a few instructions to hang the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. Picture a swaying tent. It can hold 125 kilograms, which is just right for one adult or for one adult and a small child. The strong, sturdy fabric includes a mesh covering between you and the night sky, plus a zip-up rain cover if it’s wet or cold. Inside, the sleeping platform is taut, not saggy like standard hammocks and, if just the right trees are not available, this hybrid can also be pitched on the ground. lawsonhammock.com


Daredevils are true to themselves—and death-defiance stunts must be even better when others get to see them. Even newbies on a great adventure want to record it, re-live it and share it. So, in the realm of action cameras, the newest function can recognize when the operator has made a big move. For example, the TomTom Bandit Action Camera has a set of built-in motion sensors, which track things like an increase in acceleration, speed and altitude and help to quickly identify heroics when editing. Other advanced features include Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi remote-control functions (via a smartphone app), adhesive mounts to keep hands free and waterproofing to depths of 40 metres. And all of the adventures are shot in ultra-high definition. tomtom.com


The Crua Clan Customizable Tent System is designed to increase comfort, space and privacy for families or groups on a camping trip. A basic kit includes a central core tent, an airy living space module and an insulated cocoon, and up to three more “bedroom” tents with zipper doors to access the communal living space can be added. Increasing the accommodation quarters is a primary feature, but just as valuable is the option to insulate when needed. For example, during the day a warm tent may not be necessary, however for chilly nights, simply position the individual cocoons on the floor of each unit, pump them up for an exact fit, and sleep soundly in a regulated temperature, noise and light environment. The system accommodates two to eight campers comfortably. cruaoutdoors.com

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