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The Waring House near Picton, Ontario, is an eclectic blend, with a country inn ensconced in a nearly 200-year-old stone farmhouse, a spa and conference centre, fine dining and pub fare, a cookery school, and much else.

Culinary Initiatives

The Waring House is launching two new cookery school experiences that make the most of local bounty in Prince Edward County—Ontario’s new culinary and wine hot spot. Equidistant from Toronto and Ottawa (2 ½ hours), it’s an ideal venue for Farm to Fork classes, wherein one weekend a month foodies will meander from wineries to organic farms and an artisan cheese factory, gathering provisions for their culinary explorations the following day. You may stalk wild leeks or learn how animals are raised on a venison farm.

Come fall, the “History’s Kitchen” food festival will mix history with cooking: tales of United Empire Loyalist settlers blended with bread-making or smoking classes, or of German émigrés with sausage-making lessons. Stories of Sir John A. Macdonald’s local law practice will accompany a Confederation dinner of fare you’d have eaten in 1867. Throw in a rum-running and a barley days class with a trip to the local brewery, and you have enriched cooking experiences that take advantage of local culture and history.

After your feast, wander down the road to Claramount Inn, a magnificent restored Colonial Revival mansion on the waterfront with an amazing spa.

Move over 100-Mile Diet. You’ve just had a 100-Metre Meal.

Travel Planner

For more information, visit or call:

The Waring House: waringhouse.com; 1-800-621-4956

Claramount Inn: claramountinn.com; 1-800-679-7756

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