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When in 1715 a fleet of ships sank off the shores of what was to become Florida’s St. Lucie County, it set the stage for all the appeals and allures of this east coast oasis encompassing Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce and Hutchinson Island.

Welcome to the “Treasure Coast.”

Perfect nickname that—one that vividly describes what today’s visitors discover time and again, whether their quest for loot and lucre is a lust for adventure, family fun, history and culture or just plain rest and relaxation, whether they want to spend the night in their RV or tent or at a friendly B&B, a beachfront getaway, one of the area’s many affordable hotels and motels or an all-inclusive resort.


Imagine this: your rod is bent, the fish at the end of your line fighting for dear life, your shoulder muscles straining. Perfect place to make like Hemingway—Fort Pierce holds the record for the biggest spotted seatrout ever caught.

Or maybe you’re skimming the swamp in an airboat, wind in your face. Or you’re working those shoulder muscles gliding through mangrove swamps in a kayak.

Your kids might like that too.

Then take them horseback riding on the beach on Hutchinson Island, bond with manatees at the Manatee Observation and Education Centre.

Maybe check out the Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce and Superplay USA, a huge entertainment centre in Port St. Lucie.

Get them back to nature? Take a family hike at Oxbow Eco-Centre. Then ride a pontoon boat on a search for alligators.


For a dose of history check the Navy SEAL Museum. Have a look at artifacts from some of their missions; discover a history of bravery and derring-do that began during World War II.

Visit a railroad museum, stroll the historic main street of Fort Pierce, named for a 19th-century army installation.

Get a dose of culture at Sunrise Theatre or Pineapple Playhouse.

Or maybe you spell riches “rest and relaxation.”

Good news.

Pitch a tent at Savannas Preserve State Park, go for the “Old Florida” charm of Hutchinson Island with nary a high-rise in sight.

Welcome to the “Treasure Coast.”


Create your perfect getaway on Florida’s Treasure Coast at visitstluciefla.com.

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