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Does your idea of the perfect sunshine getaway entail shopping or sunbathing? Is nightlife or nature your thing? History or haute cuisine? Sizzle or solitude?

The United States purchased a Caribbean archipelago from Denmark (wise decision on their part) in 1917 and promptly named it the United States Virgin Islands. Methinks they should have named it the “Something-For-Everyone” Islands, because these islands will delight no matter what activities you’ve punched into your iPhone.

Want the perfect beach? Magens Bay on St. Thomas is rated one of the world’s best, with icing-sugar sand and a gorgeous view to boot. St. John boasts beaches with unparalleled snorkelling while St. Croix offers you a sunspot that you might share with no one but your significant other.

Want that perfect gift? Charlotte Amalie can brag of historical alleys and cobblestone byways where you can choose from fine jewellery to perfume to designer clothing.

History buffs love these islands: explore the ruins of a sugar plantation, an erstwhile pirate lair and two 17th-century forts. Or combine your passions: stroll historic byways and pick up that special something at the same time.

There are nightclubs and theme parks, wild deer and donkeys, sailboats and jet skis.

Hike through a national park, climb a mountain, explore a pristine reef, go for a sail in perfect sapphire waters.

There’s something for everyone in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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For more information on the U.S. Virgin Islands, go to visitUSVI.com.

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