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(2017 - Fall/Winter Issue)


If you have ever wanted to swim with a shark or feed a stingray, you’re in luck. Known for its unforgettable dolphin interactions, Discovery Cove now offers guests the chance to dive into a new marine experience with hands-on encounters with sharks and stingrays. These two new animal experiences are guaranteed to create unforgettable family memories for years to come.


New to Discovery Cove, Shark Swim brings you up-close with the predators of the deep. Sure, you can simply view the sharks from dry land, but the bravest members of the family will dare to swim among the park’s five species of sharks: Pacific blacktip, reef whitetip, nurse shark, zebra shark and spotted wobbegongs.

Shark Swim brings together two animal interactions in one. First, you meet with the park’s shark team. These expert guides will lead you into the water, and through hands-on interaction and observation, guests learn all about shark anatomy and the threats that these misunderstood animals face in the wild. 

Then, grab your snorkel gear and join the sharks in their habitat for an exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime swim.

Discovery Cove works to dispel myths about sharks and hopes to inspire guests to learn more about these mysterious creatures. As top predators, sharks play an essential role in maintaining the balance of ocean ecosystems. Sadly, shark finning and overfishing threaten many shark species and disrupt that natural balance. Guests who take part in the new Shark Swim program will walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for these fascinating ocean ambassadors.

The Shark Swim program is open to Discovery Cove guests ages 10 and up for US$85* per person. SeaWorld will donate five per cent of the proceeds from each Shark Swim purchase to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation in support of shark conservation and research.


Discovery Cove has also launched a new stingray interactive experience, allowing guests the opportunity to feed the park’s stingrays during a private tour of the Grand Reef. As you hand-feed the stingrays, you will learn all about these incredible creatures from your aquarist. The Ray Feeding program is US$50* per person and open to guests ages six and older.

The Ray Feeding program and Shark Swim experience require a Dolphin Swim or Day Resort reservation at Discovery Cove to participate. Space for each program is limited and guests are encouraged to book in advance.

Travel Planner:

For additional program and booking details, visit discoverycove.com.

*Pricing and program details are subject to change.

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