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(2019 - Winter/Spring Issue)


In Northwest Florida’s Jackson County, sweet surprises unfold like spring flowers. They blossom in the beauty of nature as it comes alive with the season. They appear in the friendly little towns, historical sites and outdoor recreational opportunities. And they pop up along every country road you drive.

Natural beauty bursts into living colour at Merritt Mill Pond, known for its crystal-clear water and cold springs, where fishing for shellcracker is a local specialty. Shangri-La, Hole-in-the-Wall and Twin Caves as well as Jackson Blue Springs offer great snorkelling opportunities. A tour company called Cave Adventurers can direct you to these amazing spots and outfit you for cave snorkelling.

Jackson County boasts historical sites and Old Florida homes in Marianna and Greenwood, where you can retrace the steps—and cavalry charges—of Civil War soldiers in the Battle of Marianna. This region was Spanish territory for a while, so drive the Spanish Heritage Trail to see signs of that legacy dating as far back as the 1600s.

Pender’s General Store in Greenwood, a much-loved local landmark, is the longest continuously operating store in Florida. Late spring and early summer are ideal times to enjoy agritourism trails throughout Jackson County, as well as farmers’ markets. Be sure to savour the farm-to-table ice cream at the Southern Craft Creamery and Ocheesee Creamery.

Jackson County promises sweet surprises at every turn.

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Explore the many surprises that await you in Jackson County at  VisitJacksonCountyFla.com.

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