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From the shimmering islands in the Caribbean to the natural beauty of Costa Rica, heading south is a rite of passage for snowbirds yearning to trade the winter winds for sunny days and starry nights. 

With our winters begging for a respite, it’s no wonder nearly three million Canadians pack their bags each year for a tropical getaway which, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), is, indeed, impressive. “With a population of approximately 34 million, almost eight per cent visit the Caribbean annually,” said Hugh Riley, secretary general, CTO. “By contrast, only four per cent of the U.S. population visits the Caribbean and two per cent of the U.K. population.”     

Championing the region for three decades, Sylma Brown Bramble is the director of marketing for the CTO and enthusiastically extols the many virtues of a winter reprieve. “We expect to see growth in Canadian tourism as a result of the strong dollar, increased airlift and our marketing campaigns,” she said. “Travel deals are constantly being updated on destination websites and on the regional consumer website, CaribbeanTravel.com.”

To entice Canadians beset by the deep freeze at home, enhanced airports and seaports, swanky resorts, indulgent spas and friendly locals add up to a warm welcome. “We are undeniably world-renowned for our white sand beaches, rich history, exciting music and exotic cuisine,” added Hugh Riley. “Each destination has its own unique flavour and by combining our resources we are united as one powerful voice, one sea, one Caribbean.”

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