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SeaWorld and the World for Which it Cares
(2015 - Winter Issue)

Writer: Jenny Fauser

Swim past media sensationalism and look deeper into the company of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, and you’ll find a company that existed long before misinformed animal activists ever pointed their accusatory fingers at the park. 

SeaWorld is dedicated to caring for ill, orphaned and injured animals, continuing the company’s more than 50-year legacy of animal rescue that has benefitted more than 27,000 animals. SeaWorld’s parks also inspire millions of people to learn more about marine life and killer whales and educate them about conservation.

Educational Programs

Through research and conservation projects focused on protecting animals in the wild, SeaWorld aims to inspire not only today’s generation, but also future conservationists and animal-care experts.  

Having frequently visited the parks, I marvel at the amazing creatures in SeaWorld’s care. As a mother, I see my children watch the dolphins, get splashed by Shamu and come away saying, “Mom, I want to learn more about them.” Recently, I took my Girl Scout troops to SeaWorld Orlando for an overnight experience with the dolphins. More than 20 girls learned fascinating facts about these and other beautiful creatures, and the opportunity planted an enthusiasm in them to study and care more about animals.

However, SeaWorld doesn’t rely solely on people visiting its parks to spread the conservation conversation. It is among the first zoological institutions to develop an online animal information database, provides distance-learning programs and offers teacher resources. SeaWorld also offers a free teacher’s pass, inviting educators into its parks in an effort to perpetuate the importance of education and care of our world.

Enduring Benefits

SeaWorld has a global commitment to animal welfare. Since its 2003 inception, the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has awarded US$11 million to more than 800 organizations worldwide. Unique to most fundraising initiatives, because of administrative support by SeaWorld Parks, 100 per cent of the funds raised goes toward these projects.

My family and I love watching the animals at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Tampa. A particular favourite is the pop-up tiger-viewing area in Jungala at Busch Gardens. The wonder created by that simple design engages my children and extends into our home as they pour over additional educational materials and share with others the importance of caring for the wild.

The SeaWorld Rescue Team is on call 24/7, ready to rescue animals, big or small. In my experience, SeaWorld Cares is more than just a catchy name ... these words carry deep meaning and an even loftier responsibility.

Travel Planner

For more information on these and other conservation initiatives, visit seaworldcares.com.

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