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Experiencing the bayous—those marshy, low-lying outlets of lakes and rivers—is a “must-experience” while in Louisiana. You will undoubtedly meet some very energetic alligators!

That was our experience in Houma (Terrebonne Parish), when we took a two-hour bayou tour with Captain Billy Gaston, who owns a custom-made boat that seats about 45. He tossed raw chicken pieces into the murky waters while he welcomed seemingly tame alligators for lunch. The eerie up-close-and-personal experience with these carnivorous reptiles was loads of fun.

If you prefer a more bucolic experience, Louisiana has several botanical gardens you can visit, including the Botanical Gardens at Independence Park in Baton Rouge and the New Orleans Botanical Garden. We spent a relaxing sojourn in the Jungle Gardens on Avery Island (Iberia Parish), the home of the TABASCO brand pepper sauce factory.

This 69-hectare semi-tropical garden includes one of the oldest timber bamboo groves in the U.S.; a Buddha shrine and a 900-year-old statue resting amid the striking camellias and azaleas; and even a bird sanctuary called Bird City featuring hundreds of snowy egrets. It was like being taken back in time.

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