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When it comes to designing a brand new modern mobile living space to support a modern mobile lifestyle, there’s no one better than an architect who has nearly a decade of experience doing just that.

After getting his American Institute of Architects licence in 2008, Matthew Hofmann spent the next 10 years designing and renovating more than 400 vintage Airstreams, which are now enjoyed by people around the world.


Matthew and his wife, Joanna, live full-time in the mobile space they created together. “It’s a lifestyle for those who call mobile spaces ‘Home Sweet Home,’” says Joanna. “We’re simply folks of all ages living in vans, trailers and boats—not because we have to, but because we prefer it.”

After years of experiencing mobile living first-hand, the young couple decided to create a family business, which allows others like them to live the dream of living well, wherever their hearts take them. Their company is called Living Vehicle, and their technical skills and full-time travel experience inspired them to produce a home on wheels for other like-minded folks.

“As we travel across this beautiful country we’ve discovered people of all ages and backgrounds who are redefining the new American Dream,” says Matthew. “It’s a dream that doesn’t include a big house with a white picket fence. For us, and millions like us, it’s simply about living a lifestyle of freedom and choice.”


As an architect and designer, Matthew understands living spaces have a profound effect on us. They can either increase our connection to the outdoors or close us off from our roots in nature. “We believe that when a space encourages connection, it empowers us to be our best selves,” says Matthew. “The more we experience growth in industry, technology and urban development, the more we realize nature is vital to our well-being as a species. It is a foundation that humans are hardwired to respect and we feel it is our responsibility to design living spaces that facilitate this relationship.”

Living Vehicle is designed to blur the distinction between interior and exterior spaces and create an experience that embraces the best aspects of the natural environment. “To achieve this idea,” says Matthew, “we begin with an awareness of the fundamental nature of outdoor space.”

LV’s attention to lighting is where the space truly shines. Natural, bright light in the sun’s spectrum is proven to have an overwhelmingly positive effect on our bodies and minds. Massive skylights and windows provide a wonderful openness and an abundance of natural light. If the sun becomes overbearing, each skylight features a custom shade that diffuses the heat and acts as a softly glowing orb in the ceiling.


Heating and cooling are among the biggest barriers when it comes to connecting a living space to the outdoors. Large glass windows are wonderful because they allow light to enter the space and provide unobstructed views of the outdoors, however they can be problematic for climate control. Each glass portion of Living Vehicle is engineered with dual pane glazing to moderate the transference of heat and cold from the unit. Thanks to state-of-the-industry open cell spray foam insulation, Living Vehicle features R-values that are greater than those of most traditional homes to ensure the space maintains a comfortable temperature when in extreme climates or during four-season use.

Another comfort feature is the ingenious way Living Vehicle increases the size of the interior space with a two-metre-wide fold-down deck, which acts as a multifunctional platform to provide an instant outdoor setting. The deck comes in two configurations; both provide a seamless experience when stepping out from the unit and encourage the user to spend more time appreciating the outdoors. The deck can be used as an outdoor kitchen with the propane BBQ and modular island, an outdoor bar platform or an enclosed space for pets.

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For more information and video tours, visit livingvehicle.com. The package includes security systems; features to minimize and utilize waste; oversized water tanks, solar and battery systems to support off-grid use; deliberately designed outdoor recreation spaces; and more.

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