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Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club, a landmark on Fort Lauderdale Beach, is always a multisensory treat. But come nighttime, this AAA four-star resort takes on a special glow.

The island in the swimming lagoon is lit with tiki torches. Often, a guitarist plays relaxing melodies outdoors. Soothing music also emanates from the rocks in the lagoon and from the Promenade Walkway. And parents can enjoy dinner without the kids, yet still watch over them, because the kids can play in the sand four feet away.  

At Lago Mar, all your senses are intensified at night. Suddenly you’re aware of the sound of waves lapping the beach. You can really smell the salt air, the eucalyptus and the aromas from Chef Phil’s kitchen. You can hear the whispers of couples nesting in hammocks by the beach. And you’ll enjoy a mini-light parade as kids run around the pool in their glow-in-the-dark necklaces provided by the resort.

Big-screen movies are shown on the beach at night during the holidays. And from early March into July, there are special guided night tours to witness natural miracles as giant sea turtles lay their eggs, and, six to eight weeks later, as their hatchlings try to make their way to the ocean.    

Lago Mar Resort & Club shines as brightly at night as it does in the daytime.

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Plan your family escape to Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club at lagomar.com.

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