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Lago Mar - A Resort With the Personal Touch
(2016 - Spring Issue)

Writer: Steve Winston

Fort Lauderdale beaches are, for the most part,lined with hotels built and managed by large chains.

The oceanfront Lago Mar Resort & Club is also managed by a chain . . . a chain of three generations of the Banks family, owners for more than 50 years. Lago Mar is a one-of-a-kind resort, where the pleasures of a Fort Lauderdale vacation reveal themselves in beautiful experiences.

Situated on a secluded stretch of the prestigious Harbor Beach area, Lago Mar is personal, unpretentious, safe and secure. And it’s constantly being upgraded; the family actually walks through the 164 suites and 40 guest rooms every week.

When it comes to amenities, Lago Mar offers it all: 150 metres of private beach; four lush hectares to roam; four excellent restaurants and bars; and luxurious furnishings with Mediterranean and Key West influences. 

It also boasts many accomplishments and accoutrements other hotels don’t. Among them are a four-star rating, an old-time “soda shop,” the award-winning Spa at Lago Mar, two pools, a private beach, an emphasis on personal service and a “guests and members only” policy. And shopping, nightlife and cultural attractions are only minutes away.

If you’re yearning for a very personal—and distinctly Fort Lauderdale—experience, look no farther than Lago Mar Resort & Club.

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Book your Lago Mar Resort and Club experience at lagomar.com.

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