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It’s a particular species of bliss to end a canoe trip in your own cabin, with a hot shower and soft bed to soothe sore muscles. At Algonquin Park’s Killarney Lodge, that luxury is embellished with fine food, affable staff and cheerful gardens.

Tranquil Surroundings

Algonquin is iconic, a canoeist’s mecca with 2,000 kilometres of connected routes in a park that’s 1-½ times the size of PEI. One loon call can melt away urban woes; one night of stargazing into the infinite will restore perspective. So will the chipmunks nibbling from your hand.

Choose one- or two-bedroom cabins at the lodge, which has been family-owned for more than 75 years. Tranquility is assured by freedom from TV, radios or phones. You’re moments away from a half dozen hiking trails and in the heart of a latticework of canoe routes.

Work continues to make the lodge’s footprint lighter. As co-owner Poppy says, “I feel the lodge property really belongs to the flora and fauna of Algonquin Park—we just borrow it for six months.”

Killarney Lodge has a reputation for fine country dining, and three ample meals a day are included. Picture if you will apple-stuffed French toast with cheesecake syrup for breakfast; souvlaki for lunch; and shiitake mushroom cannelloni with roasted red pepper cream for supper.

A fitting reward for paddling and portaging through one of the country’s most popular parks.

Travel Planner

For more information, visit killarneylodge.com or call 1-866-473-5551.

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