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Happy Times In Lafayette
(2016 - Spring Issue)

Writer: Denise J. Deveau

Lafayette stands at the very heart of Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole Country.

Adventurous travellers won’t want to miss an opportunity to visit a place named the “Happiest City in America” by the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch.com. In fact, a common saying from anyone you meet is “Let the good times roll.” Or, in keeping with its true Cajun roots, “Laissez les bons temps rouler.

There is never a shortage of events and attractions. Any time of year you choose to visit, Lafayette is always at the ready, offering up its distinctive blend of food, music and culture. The region teems with celebratory festivals year-round, such as the Festival International de Louisiane in the spring or the fall Festivals Acadiens et Créoles.

Lafayette is known around the world for its authentic Cajun and Creole flavours, along with serving up the freshest Louisiana seafood. Famous for putting a new spin on classic recipes made with fresh local ingredients, homegrown chefs are the inspiration behind the region’s distinct culinary identity.

From beer to boudin, shrimps to sugar cane, gumbo to gratons, a celebration of food and fixings literally happens every week. Whether you yearn for fine dining and white tablecloths or casual cookouts with white paper napkins, there are plenty of tasty adventures for even the most die-hard foodies to experience.

If your passion is for rich cultural history, a vibrant culinary scene or its distinctive blend of Cajun and zydeco music, you can be sure Lafayette always has something unique to offer the happy traveller.

Travel Planner

Visit LafayetteTravel.com/Happy to plan your escape to the Happiest City in America.

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