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Great Trails Lead to North Little Rock
(2016 - Spring Issue)

Writer: Kat Robinson

North Little Rock’s bank along the Arkansas River offers potential adventures for recreational vehicle travellers, water sport enthusiasts, cyclists and history lovers, all tied together with great trails.

The city’s riverfront anchor is the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, which includes the USS Razorback, the world’s longest-serving submarine. The Razorback, commissioned first by the United States and then by Turkey, has seen 53 years of active duty.  Visitors can climb down ladders into this remarkably complete watercraft and see what life was like for the 80 men who served on board. Guests can also walk the deck of the USS Hoga, a tugboat, which performed admirably during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II.

The Great Outdoors

The Arkansas River Trail, which connects both sides of the river with 25 kilometres of flat-terrain paths, extends to the Big Dam Bridge, the world’s longest pedestrian-intended bridge. Rockwater Marina, a combined-use residential and transient boat destination for those traversing the waterway desiring a place to tie-off and relax, is right on the path.

The east end of the trail begins at Downtown Riverside RV Park, which rents 61 RV campsites with water and 50-amp electrical hookups. The park’s main attraction is its incredible, unparalleled view of the Little Rock skyline and easy access to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library complex via the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.

Travel Planner

Explore more of North Little Rock, Arkansas, and all it has to offer at northlittlerock.org.

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