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With a seductive dip into the majestic Mediterranean Sea, is it any wonder the boot-shaped country of Italy beckons today’s travellers?

The Romans loved the good life—la dolce vita. So much so that the Italian countryside is speckled with vineyards, Roman baths and colossal ruins of grand stadiums and amphitheatres, all of which continue to spark the imagination, leaving you to wonder, “How did they do it?”

Immersed in a Chianti-coated conversation, my other half and I spent a blissful afternoon, framed by the backdrop of a Tuscan countryside renowned for great masters like Leonardo da Vinci, the creator of the Mona Lisa and other world treasures, discussing these antiquities and the finer things in life. I clasped my hands and swung them behind my neck to gaze at this timeless splendour. It was, indeed, an awesome moment.

Today’s lover of the good life doesn’t have to look very far either. You can relive the Italian Renaissance and marvel at the masterpieces by witnessing the beauty of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. In Italy’s largest black truffle-producing region of Umbria, you can cook tagliatelle with truffles in an authentic kitchen and learn trade secrets from a chef like their Nonna (Italian for “grandmother”) did.


Trafalgar, the award-winning guided vacation company with 71 years of experience, specializes in the good life with its richer, deeper connections to the local soul of a destination.  

On this hassle-free dream vacation, push the recline button inside a Wi-Fi-equipped, air-conditioned luxury coach for a smooth ride, be it through the bustling capital of Rome or past a collection of Mediterranean seaside villages. Save time and skip the lines at the most sought-after landmarks like the wonders of Pompeii. Later, retreat to unique and authentic accommodations, some of which are lodged in important pieces of the local heritage.

My Trafalgar guided vacation allowed me to relax and be in the moment with options galore. I preferred mingling with my fellow guests and sharing our favourite Trafalgar experiences, however with plenty of free time available daily, you certainly can wander and drink in your own personal discoveries. Meanwhile, your Travel Director has all the angles covered, from sightseeing tips and dining suggestions to luggage deliveries to hotels and the next day’s scheduled departures, giving you time to settle in and strike out on your own, if desired.

Each day is filled with “good life” moments. From the iconic to the unexpected, Trafalgar connects you to local experiences by taking care of all the details so you are happy and free to be inspired. On each guided vacation, Trafalgar curates a bespoke itinerary with an array of inclusions to guarantee inspirational experiences. Excursions range from “Cultural Insights,” which are those bucket-list stops such as an exclusive visit to the Bramante spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum and meeting local residents in carefully curated “Be My Guest” dining experiences, to sightseeing journeys led by Local Specialists and “Hidden Treasures,” which are unscripted surprises brimming in ah-ha responses.


Here is a tailor-made Trafalgar trio of inspiring journeys that will guarantee “good life” moments on your upcoming trip to Italy.

On the new 11-day Wonders of Italy guided vacation, bask in the full glory of the Renaissance masters as you explore Italy’s finest art, architecture and Old-World charm. Pay tribute to the extraordinary masterpieces by such Italian greats as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. Let your imagination soar in the captivating arias of Puccini, one of Italy’s finest opera composers. Other good life moments: On an exclusive “Be My Guest” experience overlooking the rolling Chianti Hills, the Lenzi family welcomes you to lunch on their Tuscan wine farm. trafalgar.com/can/tours/wonders-of-italy?season=Summer+2018

On the iconic 10-daySouthern Italy and Sicily journey, slow down to the languid pace of the south. See the fiery splendours of Sicily revealed beneath the shadow of Italy’s largest volcano, Mount Etna, where you will enjoy local wine tasting under the warm Sicilian sun. Other “good life” moments: Explore the dramatic sea cliffs of Cinque Terre and cruise to the Isle of Capri, meaning “The Isle of Sirens,” for unforgettable sightseeing. trafalgar.com/tours/southern-italy-and-sicily?season=Summer+2018

Relive the rich Roman past while indulging in la dolce vitaas you travel through Northern Italy and the fabled Cinque Terre, on a nine-day journey that meshes the hallmarks of a true Italian vacation. Breathe in scents of magnolia and lemons that perfume the roads-less-travelled on promenades of Italy’s northern lake villages from Milan to Genoa, and the foodie city of Parma. Other “good life” moments: See the renowned La Scala Opera House in Milan and sail fabled Lake Maggiore to one of the Borromean Islands for an exclusive dinner at a quaint family-run restaurant. trafalgar.com/can/tours/northern-italy-including-cinque-terre?=Summer+2018

From its top to its boot tip, Italy defines the good life. Isn’t it time you begin your own personal journey? While I count down the days to explore the land of la dolce vitaagain, I know I can depend on Trafalgar to deliver a taste sweeter than any other.

Travel Planner

View the complete 111 award-winning itineraries in the new Trafalgar Europe and Britain 2018 brochure available from your favourite travel agent or download it online from trafalgar.com/can/forms/request-a-brochure. For more information, visit trafalgar.com.

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