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(2012 - Winter/Spring Issue)


There’s a glam side to being in the entertainment business.

But it’s a profession that comes with a unique set of challenges. Just ask Stacey Tookey, the Edmonton-born, Emmy-nominated dancer and choreographer who is best known for her frequent appearances on the television shows So You Think You Can Dance and So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

“In my profession, the schedule is often changing, so it’s hard to make firm plans,” explains Tookey. “A lot of times I’ll find myself on the job in places I would like to see, so I’ll add a few days for myself. When you’re that far away from home, you need to get in as much as you can.”

Many frequent travellers have a few tricks up their sleeves . . . and Tookey is no different. Here’s how she manages to survive a life on the road that has her in an airplane virtually every week of the year.

If we peeked into your carry-on bag, what would we always find there?

I’m a really picky eater and I have a lot of food allergies, so I always have my favourite snacks and teas packed.

Does the wired-in world make travel easier for you?

I always travel with several electronic gadgets. I never leave home without my computer—especially because I need all my music. I also pack my iPod and my flip camera. These three items are my favourite electronics that never leave my bag.

Do you have any travel rituals that you follow when you arrive at a destination?

I always have to unpack as soon as I arrive somewhere new. Even if I’m only travelling for two days. And I always bring a travel candle with me because it smells like home. After I’m settled in, I try to get online.

Any other travel tips?

I always pack Epsom salts. After a long flight I feel swollen; when I bathe in Epsom salts it drains the toxins and I feel much better the next day. I try to take a little bit of green tea extract in water before I get on the flight. It boosts my immune system. Finally, I drink a ton of water while in flight.

Favourite destination?

I love Tokyo. There’s something about the Japanese culture. I love the energy of the city; there’s a vibe when you’re in the heart of Tokyo. You can be on a very busy street, turn a corner and find a quiet temple.

Dream trip?

Definitely Thailand. I’ve heard so many amazing stories and every picture looks so beautiful. Thailand looks like the perfect combination of culture, exploration and relaxation.

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