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(2013 - Spring/Summer Issue)


Never underestimate CTV news anchor and W5 reporter Sandie Rinaldo.

When she first applied for a production secretary position at CTV 40 years ago the then director of news Don Cameron asked the typical, “Why should I hire you?” question. Rinaldo, fresh out of university with a Fine Arts degree, fired back confidently and said, “Because one day I am going to be hosting Canada AM.” And in 1980, she did just that becoming the first woman in Canada to anchor a daily network newscast. 

Rinaldo, in her successful career at CTV, has earned numerous broadcast industry awards for her anchoring and reporting. She wears any “lines” proudly as a testament of her dedication to her craft. Rinaldo is currently weekend anchor for CTV National News, host of the program Direct on CTV News Channel and an investigative reporter on W5. Being out in the field is what Rinaldo relishes most. To viewers she appears classy, compassionate and trustworthy as she delivers the news with aplomb. Underneath that polished exterior resides a feisty, determined journalist who rarely lets her journalist antennae down even while on holiday. 

Family is the centrepiece of her life with three grown daughters. Besides pursuing news stories Rinaldo loves nothing better than to use her leisure time pursuing a destination’s cultural riches and gifts to the world. It’s 40 years and counting into her successful broadcast career—this is one journalist who is far from ready to relinquish the anchor chair or reporter’s notebook. 

What’s your favourite destination?

Tuscany has to be my favourite place in the world and I have to tell you candidly I was influenced by Frances Mayes’s Under the Tuscan Sun. 

Other favourites?

Favourite destinations have been wrapped around family holidays so Italy, France and Great Britain. One of my daughters spent two years in London and another took courses in Italy so we would visit art galleries and museums. I’m very artsy. We would find accommodation through online sites and rent apartments because we would always go with a large group. 

What do you like to do when you travel?

I am not a sun worshipper. I have stayed out of the sun. Generally we will go to museums and art galleries and I walk a lot. I love adventure. I love driving, so whenever we travel somewhere we generally rent a car and drive around. 

What’s on your travel bucket list?

On the bucket list, climb (Mount) Kilimanjaro, walk the Wall of China but No. 1 is travel to the international space station except I don’t have the money so it will have to be a pity ticket that someone would give me. 

Why travel to space?

First of the all, the journey itself, but also having interviewed several astronauts and hearing them describe what it’s like looking back at Earth and the full appreciation they have for the planet. Maybe Richard Branson will take pity on me.

What is your “must-have” travel item?

A carry-on bag and that’s it. I have learned to travel light. I want trips to be effortless. I want to focus on what I am seeing instead of the getting there. 

What’s your favourite hotel?

The Savoy in Florence is quite spectacular. But you can only stay there one night because, again, I would need Richard Branson to pay for it.

Is it hard to turn off the journalist hat on holiday?

Yes, it is impossible to do that. Once a journalist, always a journalist. It’s ingrained in you.

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