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(2011 - Winter Issue)

Writer: Josephine Matyas

Measha Brueggergosman is slowing down—sort of. Well, at least for the few weeks’ break while she is at home between touring dates.

The internationally-acclaimed Canadian soprano stays on top of her game. Whether performing at the opening of the 2010 Olympics, travelling on tour across Russia or taking a little well-deserved rest and relaxation with family, Brueggergosman knows exactly what she needs to make her travel experiences productive and relaxing. And, as it turns out, her travel priorities for work and for holiday are quite different.

On the Road for Work

“I’m on the road about 18 days a month and I’ve become quite the carry-on traveller,” says Brueggergosman. “I’m not one of those travellers who needs to get to the airport a few hours before—I have a NEXUS card and that makes going through security easier.”

For Brueggergosman, airline travel is a necessity to make it to the treasured destination. Much in demand at opera houses and music festivals around the globe, international travel is a necessary part of her career. “I like the destination so much more than the actual flying,” she says. “I’m not a big fan of the actual plane—all that recycled air in one capsule of yuckiness.”

So, what are her tricks of the trade to endure so much time airborne?

“I always take my Bose travelling speaker with me and my noise-cancelling headphones. Listening to the CBC and to my own music selection is what makes me feel like I am at home. It’s magic.”

Planning a buffer day between arrival and performance is also key. “I never sleep on the plane, but when I arrive at the hotel room I go to sleep and wake up whenever. There is no better sleep than that first sleep—I wake up so refreshed. It’s heaven.”

Holiday Time

“Vacation involves not getting on a plane,” says Brueggergosman. “I love that I don’t have to show up at the airport. I love road trips . . . love them, love them, love them. I’m from the Maritimes and everything’s far apart, so I’m used to driving.”

Favourite spots to hit the road?

“I love the Rocky Mountain drive—from Calgary to Vancouver. I’ve done it three times. And I did the drive through the Grand Canyon and up to Zion National Park—crazy gorgeous. Then there’s the drive from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove. I’d still like to drive through Newfoundland and up to the Canadian North.”

Every other year Brueggergosman takes time off from the summer festival circuit, so she and her husband can go to New Brunswick and spend time with family when it’s warm.

And there are times when boarding a plane is the only way to get to the road trip destination. A personal favourite is Spain, which the singer gets to every year. “Spain is probably my favourite road trip in Europe. I love the food, the people, the language and the culture.”

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