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Growing up in Owen Sound, Ontario, Entertainment Tonight Canada’s (ET Canada) host Cheryl Hickey could never have imagined she would ever interview the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Oprah, Goldie Hawn and other celebrities. 

The beach was the star attraction during her younger years. “I was a beach kid,” says Hickey. “I’d go to Sauble Beach and party at the dunes at night.” At 17 things changed. With some urging from her dad, Hickey volunteered at a local cable station.  Enjoying the experience, Hickey enrolled in a college radio/TV broadcasting program in London, Ontario. Beach sunlight was traded in for the TV spotlight.  

After graduation, a series of radio and TV stints followed a variety of jobs from reporting, writing, editing and other behind-the-scenes duties. Being on camera however seemed perfect for Cheryl and her parents agreed. “They said, ‘That makes sense; you never stop talking,’” Hickey jokes. “I’m pretty curious by nature and love the art of conversation.”

In 2005 her big break came when she joined ET Canada and never looked back. Hickey has covered every major entertainment awards show and interviewed hundreds of celebrities. However, despite all the glitz and glamour, she remains a small-town family person at heart. Her eyes light up when she talks about her husband Kevin and the two shining stars in her life, son Jaxson and daughter Nyla.

Adding to Hickey’s hectic schedule is her philanthropic work for charities like Plan Canada, Sick Kids and Kids Wifi while churning out entrepreneurial ideas and advice on her website CherylHickeyFamily.com. She’s come a long way from her lazy, carefree beach days. Now 41,  Hickey looks forward to reaching out to the stars beyond Hollywood by letting her infectious spirit take her to new levels.

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever done on television?

Jumping out of the CN Tower strapped to this army man is up there. I was terrified. I just had to bottle my fear, excitement and anxiety. That’s one of those physically and emotionally awkward moments, trying to be cool when I wasn’t feeling cool at all.

Who’s on your interview wish list?

I would love to sit down with Bruno Mars. I think much has happened in his life he hasn’t spoken about, from losing his mom and his drug charges many years ago to recreating the hit, “Uptown Funk You Up.”

Are you still a beach person when you travel?

I love a good beach. We’ve been to Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Florida, St. Lucia and Mexico. Beaches make me feel at home the moment I get my toes in the sand and feel the warmth. It reminds me of my childhood. If I’m on vacation or taking time off work, that’s where I want to be.

Any interest in more exotic destinations?

I haven’t travelled to Africa but I have been to Europe. I think Africa is definitely on the bucket list. A couple of friends went on safari and that looks so captivating and beautiful. I would love to experience that as a family.

Do you have a must-bring item when you travel?

I have a long list of must-bring items. I have to have sanitary wipes and a nose lube, which prevents bacteria from going into your lungs and helps keep your nose moist on airplanes.

Where do you like to holiday in Canada?

Every summer we head to Muskoka. It reminds me of Sauble Beach. With so many places to discover, Canada is unbelievable and we, as a family, have only just tapped into it so we have plenty to experience.

What are the three things you love most about Canada?

Our freedom for sure. And I think our openness and kindness to others are really special.

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