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(2012 - Spring Issue)


Indie singer-songwriter Emily Fennell is an uncomplicated gal.

Make sure her CD player is stocked with her favourite tunes and she’s happy on the road. Fennell eschews all the “gotta have” electronic bells and whistles and keeps her values grounded close to her small-town roots.

Born and raised near Picton, Ontario, Fennell now calls the city of Kingston her home base. It’s where she’s paid the large part of her musical dues, although these days she travels Canada and the northern U.S. states for gigs, recording sessions and festivals. Now billed under the name Miss Emily, her sound has been described by Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip as “angelic with just a hint of sultry devilishness. Wow! The girl can sing!”

How tough is it to plan vacation time?

I have a hard time taking time for myself, so I’m trying to learn to do that. If I’m travelling for business, it means I’m not cleaning house or shopping for groceries. It forces me to take time for myself to listen to music while driving or to read a book if I’m in the passenger seat. I try to convert some of my business travel into a holiday.

Is being electronically connected part of your travel experience?

If I have my CDs with me, I am happy and can drive anywhere. Especially my Canadian favourites—the classic Odds and the alternative hip-hop band, G. Love & Special Sauce. I’m a total non-techie and I like it that way.

Do you have a favourite travelling companion?

My six-year-old daughter is my No. 1, for sure. She was born to travel, easy and no problem at all.

Plane, train, boat or car?

I really don’t have a preference. I love all methods of transportation and don’t think I am “above” any of them.

Do you read while away from home?

I enjoy both books and magazines, although magazines have always been an enjoyable, quick fix, especially design and fashion publications. I love anything where I can learn something in a short period of time.

What famous person would you like to have sitting beside you on a long flight?

Maya Angelou. Anything she has said could be written in a book of quotations. These days, I’m all about strong women.

Most memorable destination?

I love all of Canada however, if I had to pick a single place, it would be the Kootenays in British Columbia. I lived there for a short time and every day I woke up and ran to the front window and thought, “This is real!” It never got old to me. I like to think I see beauty in everything.

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