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(2012 - Fall/Winter Issue)


The Miss World Canada title has provided Garrido with high-flying travel opportunities galore. She spent a month in China exploring all the corners of the vast country while representing Canada in the 2010 pageant. Add to that India, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Germany and Australia, plus a little bit of travel in her home nation.

Memorable travel experience?

I recently travelled to India on a seven-week fundraising mission with the non-profit foundation, Healthy Kids Happy Kids (a charitable group that organizes food distribution programs and clothing camps). It was the vibrant colours of India and the warmth of the children that stood out to me.

Never travels without?

When I’m travelling in my role as Miss World Canada titleholder, the official pageant sash is always packed. It’s a hit with the kids I see—especially if paired with the tiara—they feel like they’ve met a princess.

In her carry-on?

Basic things for refreshing, such as chapstick and moisturizer. And a book. I always have a good book with me.

Window or aisle?

Definitely the window. I love to look out the window and take photos of the scenery.

Electronic gadgets?

I try to be as minimalist as possible, so I usually just bring along my iPod for a varied music selection—everything from soundtracks to hip hop.

Holiday reading?

Audio books are my favourite, especially inspirational and motivational titles as well as books on psychology. Sometimes I want the printed version and then it’s usually an “old-fashioned” hard copy book rather than an e-reader (too hard on the eyes).

Recent travels?

In summer 2012 I travelled to Portugal—that’s where my roots are, all of my relatives. It is my time to have a full family of aunts, uncles and cousins, not just an immediate family.

Appreciate about home?

There are things we take for granted in Canada, such as our progressive no-smoking laws. We are accustomed to a smoke-free environment and in some countries I miss the clean air of our indoor smoke-free settings.

Packing tips?

I like to organize my outfit by day so there’s no thinking involved once I arrive. I usually bag my entire outfit, including accessories, in a clear bag. That way, I just pull it out and am ready to go.

Dream trip?

I’ve always been fascinated by the pyramids, the hieroglyphics of Egypt. It’s one place I’d love to just go and explore. 

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