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Thicke takes on his biggest role—himself

Alan Thicke has had a long and successful career in show business with many acting roles including his past Emmy-award-nominated role as psychiatrist and father Jason Seaver in ABC’s hit sitcom Growing Pains. In 2013 he was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Thicke’s varied and distinguished career as a television series writer, beauty pageant host, songwriter, talk show host and movie actor has come full circle. Now thrice-married Alan Thicke bares his soul and life in his new reality television series, Unusually Thicke, currently airing on the Slice Network in Canada. He’s recreating his most successful TV role as a father, however, this time it’s with his real-life wife Tanya Callau and son Carter.

Although he resides in Hollywood, Thicke never strays far from his Canadian roots or his hometown of Kirkland Lake, Ontario. He frequently returns to Canada and still maintains his Canadian citizenship. Despite all the Hollywood glitz and glamour, Canada will always be home for Thicke. A rabid hockey fan claiming Wayne Gretzky and many hockey legends as close friends, it’s no surprise to find him near a hockey rink.


What’s your favourite place in Canada?

Muskoka. It’s quite perfect and the finest cottage country I’ve seen in the world. 

A favourite spot outside of Canada?

I’ve come to love beaches. Tanya is a big fan of warm sand and crystal green waters so we like the Caribbean a lot. I like the snow when it’s an elective trip! 

What’s on your dream destination list?

Eastern Europe would be on my bucket list. I haven’t been to the Czech Republic, Turkey, Bosnia or anywhere around the Caspian or Black Sea. I’ve always had a very special kinship to Africa where I’ve had great experiences. I do believe you leave a piece of your heart there. Of all the places I’ve been, Africa is the most meaningful.

A favourite type of vacation?

I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy that a parent-child vacation is a wonderful one-on-one thing to do on a regular basis. One parent, one child—no sibling, no spouse. I took Robin [his son] on a tour of Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand when he was 10 years old. When you spend every waking moment making every decision together, everything centres around the two of you, which creates such an amazing connection. The dynamics are not compromised by a spouse or another sibling.

Greatest travel frustration?

I had the great privilege to play in a golf tournament with Jack Nicklaus. The two of us won the tournament and, as a reward, he sent me a set of Jack Nicklaus golf clubs. A week later I headed off to another tournament, placed my golf bag on the baggage carousel and never saw it again. Delta lost it; I never got to play with those clubs. 

Must-have travel item?

Probably the nose hair trimmer—never know where they are going to pop out!

Any favourite souvenirs?

My biggest collection is hockey jerseys from every charity event I have ever participated in all over North America. A sentimental favourite is a jersey from the Kirkland Lake Blue Devils. I also have a couple from the NHL All-Star game back in the late 1980s with my name and number. 

Favourite hotel?

I’m comfortable in the Four Seasons chain. It’s reliable and I’m well taken care of. I quite like the Trump Hotel in Toronto. I’m a relatively low-maintenance guy when I travel. 

Favourite restaurant?

Lucky’s in Montecito, California, founded by the same guy who owns Lucky Brand jeans. It’s a very popular steak and seafood restaurant. On any given night you might see Rob Lowe, Oprah, Carol Burnett, Dennis Quaid and others—a celebrity hangout but a private one and not overpriced.

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