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Close your eyes and visualize a beautiful four-kilometre beach on a lush tropical island in the Gulf of Mexico. Nearby, there’s a picturesque village to which you can walk, and evenings are celebrated with spectacular sunset ceremonies on the beach. This is your ultimate destination.

As you cross the little bridge from the mainland onto Captiva Island, only a few miles off the coast of Southwest Florida, you can feel all your cares melt away. Captiva Island is the site of one of Florida’s most beautiful tropical getaways—South Seas Island Resort, where accommodation choices range from single rooms to woodsy beach cottages and luxurious private homes.

Situated on a 134-hectare preserve, this world-class, Caribbean-like, nautical-themed resort features golf, tennis, boating, 22 pools, two thrilling waterslides for the kids, more than a dozen interesting shops, and nine food and beverage outlets, some award-winning, each offering its own special ambiance. You’ll love the flip-flop-friendly food shack called Latitudes and the refreshing beach bar, Attitudes.

A world of discovery awaits you here and one very popular and fun way of getting around this island is by golf cart. Plus, there’s every form of water activity you might desire, from motorized jet skis to sea kayaks you can take out to explore barrier islands in the Gulf. 

South Seas Island Resort also operates a sightseeing boat, which takes you to Cabbage Key, where one of the coolest, funkiest restaurants in Florida—a colourful old shack whose walls and ceilings are papered with dollar bills—serves delicious freshly caught seafood. And don’t be surprised if you’re accompanied by playful dolphins on your trips to and from Cabbage Key.

Back on Captiva Island, you’ll find life moves at a slower, languid, relaxing pace. And South Seas Island Resort is the perfect place to lie back and let all your cares float away, as you’re caressed by tropical breezes and the sound of waves gently lapping the uncrowded shore, while your body and soul rejuvenate under a warming sun.

Travel Planner

Plan and book your unforgettable island getaway at the South Seas Island Resort at southseas.com.

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